I'm strongly drawn to simplicity and nature.
I yearn to create rather than consume, preserve rather than destroy, and solve rather than complain.
Life is short, so change routines regularly, embrace novel experiences, and lengthen our perception of lives.

Full-Stack Web Service — A Full-Featured Analytics Application

Overview In the digital marketing realm, timely, concise, and critical data delivery can significantly enhance team efficiency and strategic planning. Building on the foundation laid by the earlier data scraping project, the goal was to provide a more real-time, succinct, and essential data delivery mechanism to the team. Recognizing the profound impact of an accessible, one-stop solution, I embarked on the development of a full-stack web service adapting Python Django and the WeChat Mini-program.

Social Media Web Scraping Tool for Autohome

Problem Statement When I first started working in this digital marketing department, I recognized that my colleagues and agents were spending an excessive amount of time obtaining social media data. At times, they even had to make substantial payments to platforms for data purchase, even though we only required a portion of the openly available data. I summarized a few key issues: Manual copy-pasting of social media data was too slow and prone to errors.

Life in the US 01

This article is a test draft and will be updated. The Flight Check-in process, I had very little luggage. The bag was beautiful and offered excellent protection; it left nothing, even water. That evening at Beijing Capital International Airport, there were only two flights: one to my layover city and the other to my hometown. It was impossible not to feel stirred. I was torn between going left and right.

How I use launchd to automate my routine task?

Introduction This blog discusses how I utilize launchd to automatically schedule and execute tasks in the background, freeing me from the burden of daily routine tasks. I have two daily routine tasks. The first task is to synchronize my running data from a running app to a web page that displays my running records. This involves performing a set of git operations every day after I finish running. The second task is to sync my Obsidian vault using git, which allows me to access the same progress on the vault across laptops or desktops.

Blog Introduction

I have benefited from blogs of many predecessors for many years. Although I have always wanted a platform for personal reflection and communication, my writing ability is limited, so my blog posts are stored locally. Sometimes I buy a domain and build a website, and move some blog posts online. I will cover topics as follows. The best way to learn is to write it down and explain clearly to others, and I hope to gain more from it.